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Majestic brown bear with a kind expression sniffing the air and making eye contact with the camera, showcasing the wild beauty of nature


Welcome to explore the world through my lense.


From special events to vibrant nature scenes, I'm here to tell your story one photo at the time.

To me each shot is a unique story. I'm passionate about creating stunning, visual narratives with an artistic look and providing creative solutions for my customers. Let us capture your vision and turn it into an unforgettable story.

Elias Kalliola, nature and wildlife photographer


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Capturing the authentic
moments of wildlife is a huge passion of mine. This collection of brown bears, grey wolves, wolverines and other animals are photographed in their natural environment in Finland and different locations around Europe.

Majestic Lofoten mountains photographed in beautiful golden hour light showing beautiful landscape above Reine


Fascinating light and the change of seasons are some of the benefits of photographing in the Nordics. These views have been captured in two of

the most scenic destinations: Lapland, Finland and Lofoten, Norway.



While capturing the wonders of the nature I also enjoy the part where I get to travel to all these destinations. This is a collection of my everyday life on the winding trails and touring off the grid with our converted van.

A stunning blond brown bear, its golden fur glistening in the sunlight, showcasing the natural diversity of bear species.
A stunning blond brown bear, its golden fur glistening in the sunlight, showcasing the natural diversity of bear species.
Beautiful bear photography available in Fine Art Prints, taken by Elias Kalliola Photographer


Fine Art Prints

Printed on museum-quality paper with Giclee Fine Art printing, the images are given a smooth, matte finish which emphasises different highlights and tones in the printing and creates stunning works of art.


What's in
my backpack?

For all you camera nerds out there, who are interested in the technical side of photographing, I made a list of my photography gear which I use to capture all these nature's appearances wherever I go.


Interested in Social
Media Collaboration?

I like to create original content that captures true emotions. Feel free to check out my Social Media Sheet below for insights and reach out with any questions.


Let's get in touch!

Whether you’re looking for a quick photoshoot or a full day of photos, I provide all of the personalized services to cover your needs. Let me know what you're looking for, and reach out with any questions.

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