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Welcome to my world of photography, where I chase the beauty of nature and wildlife through the lens of my camera.

My journey into the captivating realm of wildlife photography began in 2020, a pivotal year that saw me rediscover my true passion. Prior to that, I led a conventional 9-to-5 life, but something within me yearned for more. It was then that I made a life-altering decision to embark on a thrilling adventure.


I transformed an old Mercedes-Benz van into my mobile sanctuary and bid farewell to the mundane routines. My new mission was clear: live life on the road, explore the uncharted corners of our planet, and transform my dream of becoming a professional photographer into a reality.

My name is Elias Kalliola, and my passion
is to capture the unique moments that unfold in the great outdoors.



Elias Kalliola, photographer, nature and wildlife, bear photography
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Roaming the open roads and seeking out untouched landscapes has become my way of life. Currently, I find myself amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Finland, navigating its stunning terrain with my trusty camper van. Every day, I'm on the lookout for new horizons to explore and capture through my lens.

The heart of my photography beats with an ardent love for the wild, the untamed, and the serenely natural. Join me on this incredible journey through my portfolio, and let's celebrate the wonders of our world together.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I look forward to sharing my visual stories with you.


Save our Forests and Protect Nature

Elias Kalliola

In the heart of my photographic journey lies a deep and firm commitment to safeguarding our precious forests and protecting the abundant web of life that thrives within them. Each click of the camera's shutter is a commitment to preserving our environment, while also educating and inspiring others to recognize the significance of the fragile ecosystems that form the tapestry of our planet.

As I venture into the beautiful sceneries, I am constantly reminded of the vital role that forests play in sustaining life on our planet. Forests are the lungs of our Earth, purifying the air we breathe and providing refuge to countless species. Yet, our forests face unprecedented challenges from deforestation, habitat destruction, and climate change.

Through my lens, I aim to capture the essence of these irreplaceable ecosystems, allowing their beauty to speak to the hearts of those who may have never experienced their wonders in person.
It is my hope that my photographs can serve as a powerful call to action, inspiring individuals, communities, and policymakers to join the cause

of forest preservation.

In this mission, I stand in solidarity with organizations and individuals dedicated to protecting our forests and nurturing the delicate balance of nature. Together, we can ensure that the forests and the life they sustain continue to flourish for generations to come. Join me in this vital endeavor to save our forests and protect the very essence of our planet.

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